Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trees A Crowd 2

The Secrets Of The Heart

The secrets that we never talk about. Kept in silence and apart. You might remember the first kiss, while I can't forget my last letter written to my mom before her death.

Wish Tree 3

The Blessings Of Friends

Angels bestow grace and perform miracles; so do our friends. Angels are Divine messengers; so are friends. God speaks to us through all those intimate chats, conversations, and confessions.
Probably because, if we'll listen to anyone, it's to a friend who loves us unconditionally and is committed to our happiness.

Wonder Tree

You Are

You are the jewels in my crown of contentment. I need to treat you as preciously as I truly hold you in my heart.

Wisdom Tree

When Someone Is Sick

When a friend is sick, deliver a get-well "indulgence basket" filled with bedside comforts. Something irresistable to read, cough drops, tissues, assorted fruit teas, homemade soup or a small flowering plant.

Willow Tree

Becoming Real

Real isn't how you are made. It's a thing that happens to you. When your child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.
Becoming real doesn't happen overnight to people. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shappy. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real, you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand.

White Willow

When You Are Authentic

As you learn to acknowledge, accept, and appreciate what it is that makes you different from all the others, the process begins.
As you learn to trust the wisdom of your heart and make creative choices based on what you know is right for you, process becomes progress.
As you learn to endow even the smallest moment of each day with Love, progress becomes reality perfected.

Wealth Tree

Here Comes The Light

It really doesn't matter whether we reflect the Light through us, or whether we are called to spread it. What matters is that tonight the world is dark, cold and bleak. Your flame burns so brightly. Share your Love and warmth to others. Watch the Light return.

Twin Tree 2

That Woman

Let us all try to become that woman. Sentimental, incurably romantic, emotional, impulsive and passionate.

Truthful Tree

Do Before Die

What must you do before you die? Where must you go? Begin exploring today, small ways in which to honour your sacred yearning ...

Three Rose Boxes

Life Is A Prayer

Some women know they pray. Other women think they don't because they are not down on their knees morning and night. Whether we realise it or not, with every breath, with every heart beat, women pray. We pray with desire, longing, hunger, thirst, signs, remorse and regret. We pray with disappointment, discouragement, despair, disbelief. We pray with anger, rage, jealousy, envy. We pray with pleasure, contentment, happiness, exultation, joy. We pray when we comfort, cheer, console. We pray when we laugh. We pray when we cry. We pray when we work and play. We pray when we make love and make a meal. We pray when we create and admire creation. One way or another, we pray. Everyday life is the prayer. How we conduct it, celebrate it, consecrate it. It's just that some prayer are better than others. Conscious prayers are the best.

Tree In Red Bulbs

The Correct Way

Watch out for what you ask for, you might get it. We ask to meet our soul mate, instead we should be asking for the grace to become the woman our soul mate would be attracted to.
We ask for worldly success when what we really long for is a sence of accomplishment.
We ask for more money, when what we need is a change in our relationship with money.
We ask for a certain outcome in any given situation, when what we should be asking for is peace of mind, no matter which outcome occurs.

Timeless Tree

Heaven Watching Over Us

Angels are our proof of God's love for us, continuous reminders that we're not alone. Almost everyone has had an experience of being pulled back from danger by an invisible force. At that moment we felt that Heaven was truly watching over us.

The Simplicity

I Realize

In the deepest recesses of my soul, I know that money cannot guarantee happiness. Heard today that a friend lost a child in an accident. While washing the breakfast dishes, I glanced at my daughter, happy, safe and alive. I knew that friend of mine, would trade all the money she has to get her child back.
After I prayed for her, I prayed for myself. Please let me never forget how rich my wonderful life is right at this moment. Please let me never forget that all i have is all I need. Please let me never forget to give thanks.

The Pear Tree

The Simplest Of Pleasures

Some days are shaped by simple pleasures. One such day - a beautiful day at the beach, roaming in interesting shops, irresistible reading, an ice-cream cone for lunch, an abundance of delicious food, laughter and good cheer - and so to bed, happily.

The Orange Tree

Without Eve

When Eve bit into the apple, she gave us the world as we know the world - beautiful, flawed, dangerous and full of being. Without Eve, I wouldn't know the earthly pleasures that I love.

The Four Seasons

My Resolution

Do the best I can, whatever arises
Be at peace with myself
Find a job I enjoy
Live in simple conditions, housing, food, clothings, get rid of clutter.
Contact nature every day, feel the earth under my feet.
Take physical exercies through hard work, through walking, cycling or swimming.
Don't worry, live one day at a time.
Share something every day with someone else.
Give something away.
Help someone else, somehow.
Take time to wonder at life and the world, see some humour in life where I can.
Observe the one life in all things.
Be kind to the creatures.

The Apple Tree

Soul Food

When preparing soul food, it is by instinct, by using senses. You taste rather than measure. Add seasoning you treasure. Use your eyes. Skills that are hard to teach quickly. They must be felt and come straight from the heart and soul.

Tenderness Tree


Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. Only dreams give birth to change. What are your hopes for the future as you reflect on the yers that have passed?

Sunset Tree


Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous year by believing. Believe in yourself. And believe that there is a loving Source - just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.



Today, I pick up the needle and make the first stitch on the canvas of my life. I invited the Almighty to open up my eyes to my inner awareness. I am still and wait expectantly. Knowing that in my daily life it exists today, are the golden threads of a simply abundant tomorrow.

Standing High

No Performance

None of us can be expected to perform every minute of our lives. But a lot of us might tap into the power, excitement, and glory of Real Life more frequently if we cast ourselves as the leading ladies in our own lives.

So Far Away

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Has this ever happened to you? You are washing your face, and suddenly you do not recognize the woman staring back at you? You ask the mirror on the wall, no reply. She looks vaguely family but bears little resemblance to the woman you were expecting to be there.

Set Between The Moon

Have Everything

We have everything we need in life to make us happy but simply lack the conscious awareness to appreciate it can be as refreshing as a lemonade on a hot afternoon. Or it can be as startling as cold water being thrown in our face.

Sensual Tree 1

What Bring Us Contentment

What is missing from many of our days is a true sense that we are enjoying the lives we are living. It is difficult to experience moments of happiness if we are not aware of what it is we genuinely love. We must learn to savour small, authentic moments that bring us contentment.

Today, Andrea and I will experiment with a new cookie recipe.

Rose Bush

Make Peace

Make peace with the knowledge that you can't have everything you want. Why? Because it's more important for us to geed everything we need. Be courages. Ask yourself what is it I truly need to make me happy?

Regal Tree

Law of Attraction

It is inevitable when one has a great need of something, one finds it. What you need you attract like a lover.

Let The Past Go

Let The Past Go

Smile at everyone you meet. Expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday. Realise the past no longer holds you captive. It can only continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. A simply bunant world awaits.

Positive Negative


If you are worried about money today, take heart. You have the power to change your lifestyle and move from a feeling of lack and deprivation to a feeling of abundance and fulfillment. Money ebbs and flows in our lives. What should remain constant is our realization that abundance is our spiritual birth right.
The simpler you make your life, the more abundant you become.



When I surrendered my desire for security and sought serenity instead, I look at my lif with open eyes. I saw that I had much for which to be grateful. I felt humbled by my riches and regretted that I took for granted the abundance that already existed in my life.
How could I expect more from the Universe when I didn't appreciate what I already had?

Passion Tree

What You Give

I truly believe that what you give to the world will be returned to you - maybe not all at once or in the way you expect it - but if you give your very best, the very best will come back to you. Now was the moment to live my beliefs.

Over The Fence

Regrets Linger

If your regrets linger, if you cannot find inspiration in solitude, then you still have much to learn from other people on becoming the artist of your own life.
You can never re-create the past, but can shape your own future.

Opportunity Tree

Who Is Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

We all are. Because sooner or later, he's whining and scratching at everybody's door. So, what should we do? By not running scared when the wolf arrived, by not giving into our fears when he would blow the house down? Shouldn't we all learn to outsmart, catch, and cook the wolf?

One Tuesday Morning

Steal Time

Just one word - please steal time every day, if you cannot find it in any other way.... and relax. What a tonic this is for the soul! What a rest for weary nerves!
Our husbands, children, friends - yes, will profit by our relaxation.

One Monday Morning

Gold Star

Maybe one of these days, I'll give myself a gold star for being ordinary. And maybe one of these days I'll give myself a gold star for being extraordinary - for persisting. And maybe one day I won't need to have a star at all.

One Gold Leaf

The Language

The language of the heart is longing; the language of the mind is rationalizing; the language of emotions is feeling.
Today, I would love for all of us to get it at last. For us to accept, give thanks, bless and share. For us not to hoard or hold back for fear that there won't be enough. Because the Universe lacks nothing.
As long as I have a few loaves and fishes, and know what to do with them, that is all I need.

Oak Tree in Light

What A Beautiful Sight

Tonight, I gazed out the window and saw the most beautiful sunset ever. A touch of darkness surrounded me, yet the bright glow of lights between the darkness assures me.....

Oak Tree in Autumn

The Truth Will Set You Free

Free to be yourself, to know that you are a unique person.
Free to experience life, to go out without being afraid.
Free to speak your mind, to effect the world you live in.
Free to have hope, to keep faith when times are bad.
Free to forgive others, to love your enemies even when they hurt you.
Free to give, to take joy in hugging someone who needs it.

Mystic Tree

The First Kiss

Before you invest energy, money or even your life, make sure you know that locking lips can tell you if you partner is compatible with you.

My Orange Tree

One Smile

If you only have one smile in you, give it to the one you love.

Maya Angelou

Morning Sailing


It is a privilege to be a mother. Motherhood is a symbol of love, kindness and forgiveness. A mother's touch is the first touch. A mother's heart is filled with never-exhausting love for her children. She lives and die for them.


My Life's A Canvas

I threw all the colours I have ever imagined on my white canvas. I see the splats, the dots, the trickling effect. Some spots are covered with too much paint, some parts untouched. In the end, the effect is unbelievable....

Money Tree


Most of the bullshit is gone when you turn 49. You no longer want to waste time waiting for that second, third, or fourth chance at ravishing life. Why? Because you no longer got time for the pain, angst, unfocused, anger, jealousy, or envy.

Mercy Tree


I searched and searched.....but when I finally found it, I realized that you have always been inside me.

Luck Tree

Meaning Of Life

Why are we here? Has it got something to do about discovering what money, love, and sex have to do with the meaning of life.

Love Tree

From The Beginning

I wish I'd known from the beginning that I was born a strong woman. What difference it would have made! I wish I'd known that I was born a courageous woman. I have spent so much of my life cowering.
If I had known, I'd been born to take on the world, I wouldn't have run from it for so long, but run to it with open arms.

Looking Up


Transformation is a slow process, so don't be discouraged. Take as long as you need. Do be gentle with yourself and allow your heart, mind and spirit to process the stories and lessons you've read. Then your search will be all the more fulfilling.

Looking Down

My Life

Whether I've realized it or not, I have lived many lives. I'm referring to the episodic ways in which my life has evolved - from childhood to adolescence, college years or early jobs, career, marriages, motherhood, divorce......
Each life experience has left an indelible mark on our souls as well as a layer of memory like a deposit of sediment.

Lollipop Tree


I dug deep - through the assumptions and expectations that have shaped me. Through the successes and failures that have defined me. Through the loves and hates, gains and losses, promises and pain that have bound me. Through the risks and ruins, tumults and triumphs that has set me free.....

Light In Green Tree


If you have not kept a journal before, you're in for a delightful surprise. Reveling in this a few times a week will produce remarkable results. Because your diary is a meditative insight tool. It is the most important work in a person's life. By writing how you feel, being honest with yourself, that is discovering who you are and why we are here at this point in eternity. It's for a reason.

Kissing Tree

Small Things Forgotten

Your true self is found hidden in the small details of our daily lives. Home, family, work and pleasures. We think that it's the big moments of happiness define our lives, like the wedding, the baby, the new house, the dream job.
But really, it is in the every day small, simple and common things in our lives. The tiny choices, the tiny changes. In the unconsidered. The overlooked. The discarded. The reclaimed.