Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Home My Sanctuary

My home is my sanctuary a place of peace, happiness, and always full of joy. It may not be the choice of many people’s dream, but it is my dream. My home on the whole is a comfortable and a comforting place to be.

I have rules, not tons of them, but they are mainly common sense. Like no violence allowed, no abuse of others (including animals), or self. If you mess it - you clean it (sit down when you pee) etc…. Basically pretty easy rules to follow. I have a few that are different to what others have, such as you must remove your shoes when you enter my home, it’s done for two reasons; respect and cleanliness.

If you are a child I will treat you no different than my own for the most part, but you will be treated as a child. If you are an adult you will be treated as an adult. Everyone must treat one another with respect no matter what their age.

Manners must be followed at all times. The people that you live with, or share a home with, are in your lives on a daily basis. Why should you treat them worse than you would a stranger you meet on the street? Be a good conversationalist at dinner table and I will be happy.

Malaysians seemed to have forgotten how to behave in other people’s homes. If you like the way my house is decorated, great if you don’t then don’t mention it. It was designed to function for myself and my family. Designed for our comfort and our ease of use. I’ll be as polite to you in your home, I promise.

When did we as a human seem to forget that our homes are meant to be lived in, not merely a place to sleep at night. My place is not a show room that a neighbour has to be jealous of what I own, or trying to make them feel uncomfortable, but just a place to be happy and comfortable. I have been known for my great hospitality and I am enjoying it.

I can't wait to get home.....