Saturday, April 16, 2011

Summer Garden

Conscious Thoughts, Speech and Action

Every morning we say to ourselves, "I'm not going to sin today", and we mean it. Most often we are praying for forgiveness. Do we ever make it through the day without sinning? We tell ourselves we are going to be conscious of our actions, yet the next morning we start over again the same way.

As for me, I don't know which usually lets me down first, a sinful thought or a sharp tongue that often seems to work independent from the mind. I feel ashamed because I let my myself down again, but God forgives me and loves me anyway.

We all make resolutions close to new year and fail to keep it within a few days. Some of us plan to diet, made an attempt and lose weight only to put it right back on again. We are ashamed of what we do, yet we continue doing it, why? Are we hypocrites, or do we have demons that we are unable to exorcize?

Have you ever promise to be somewhere and not make it? Something comes up and you have to make a choice. Sometime you let people down by those choices. People that depend on you. Sure you are sorry but that does little to comfort others. Trust is weakened or sometimes completely gone. It feels bad to let someone down, especially those you love most.

Did you ever forget a birthday? Did you ever forget to do an errand? You may have put it off untill it was too late. You could have done it but chose to wait for one reason or another. Have you ever given your word and then backed out, sometimes at the last minute?

All these make us feel bad. We let ourselves and others down. From today onwards, let's try to do everything from every tiny thoughts, speech and action, consciously.

Summer In The City

"I'd Rather See A Serman Than Hear One"

My brother once said to me, “Hang ni bila nak berubah?”

I questioned myself if I am supposed to be religious or am I supposed to be spiritual? Do people actually know what it means? I questioned the role of God in my life. They would question me what the main cause of my behaviour and my response would be that it is the hypocrisy of people who claim to be followers of God. Many Muslims are religious, no doubt, praying and fasting religiously but do they actually achieved or experienced spirituality?

Religion is not something I have strong connection with, because I always feel that religion is a man’s attempt to reach God. Religion focus on what pleases man. Most of what I see religious people do in today’s world is the end produce of what they think is appropriate to be religiously correct. There is so much emphasis on what is the correct way to dress, following the accepted behavioural pattern of the religious group they are identified with.

Being spiritual is opening oneself to God’s influence on his/her whole being. Spirituality involves one’s total self in his/her relationship with God. Being spiritual involves using your mind as well as your body to accomplish God’s will. I’d rather pray spiritually by going into my closet and get to talk to God than praying openly hoping that my prayer is accepted by God.

It’s 21st century. I am more concerned about doing good rather than observing ritual. I am more concerned with letting the light shine on me, so that God is glorified by how I live.