Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Anywhere you go, people are always talking about money. Approaching you to invest and open a business or something of that sort. It is always about money, money, money. Why do people spend their life chasing money and believing that if only they have enough, their life would be great and they would be able to do the things they really wanted to do.

Over the weekend, I’ve spent with a friend and learned so much about what money can do. She is rich but money could not buy her happiness. You know, we have been told at an early age that we need to get a house, a nice car and all those things that society pushes upon us. No one ever teaches us to take steps towards minimizing our expenses and simplifying our life.

I think I can live on the street if I want to. Why not? Many people are so afraid of being broke and not having enough financially. Is it really that bad? What is it that really scares you about that? Is it how others will perceive you? I’ve found that the more I simplify my life, the happier I become. I don’t need stuff. I could buy a lot of things if I wanted, but I choose not to. I enjoy cutting down my expenses. When I spend less, I decrease the anxiety in my life and I allow myself to focus less on money.

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