Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Flower Garden

Beyond the Hills

I must tell you that I used to be a perfectionist, but not anymore. Those days, I always see things at first glance and they often appear negative. Now I learn to look again, and I begin to see the positive aspects of things. Without the imperfect, I would not be able to enjoy or appreciate those perfect moments of my life.

For me now, beauty is in the imperfections or flaws. Like the Mona Lisa's half-crooked smile, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The imperfections intensify beauty, don't you agree?

I realize that I have imperfections in my own character, and it teaches me to be patient, tolerant and accepting. The imperfections in my character and in my life serve to keep my feet on the ground and keep me humble. When I was a perfectionist, it was not aspiring, and I had nothing to keep my egos in check.

Overcoming the imperfections in my life makes me strong. The imperfect life situation, make me tough and spirited. I have approached my partner's imperfections as integral component of things that set him apart from the rest of the world and I begin to appreciate his unique spirit. The true test of love is that we love that person even when he is imperfect or, sometimes, absolutely wrong. We love him in spite of, or when love is at its best, perhaps even because of, those imperfections that make him the person he is.

There is a purpose in perfection. It gives me something for which to strive. What purpose would my life have if I am not challenged to rise above imperfections? I would have nothing toward which to travel on my life's path.

Imperfect aspects of this life have shaped me as a human being, as a person I am today. Joyous moments will provide me with great happiness, it is more often the imperfect trials and tribulations I endure which test my mettle, forge my character and lead me to my ultimate destinations.