Monday, July 5, 2010

Living In Harmony 3

Living In Harmony

Wedding Bouquet

A Letter to God

God, can you please give me more than one soulmate? The last one I had is gone forever. Many people have the idea that they have only one soulmate in a lifetime. I am asking you, God to give me another one, could this be him? The someone with whom I can have spiritual, physical and emotional unity. Someone who is compatible with me in my views and in my sensitivity. Someone who is the “perfect fit” for me.

As I am hopelessly romantic, today I pray to you God, for someone who is really meant for me, in a very special and unique way – connected spiritually and mystically. Who speaks to me permanently in a complete loving and caring manner. A person who allows me to have my own identity and encourages me to achieve fulfilment in a relationship with him. A person with whom I can express everything in all aspects of life from mundane things to the most complicated. A person who focuses in finding ways and ideas to enhance the intensity and the quality of our relationship.

God, I on the other hand want to share my life and my love in the best possible way, so that we can change and grow together. I want to give him a sense of completeness by sharing myself in this primary relationship. I want to share his dreams, his plans, and projects based on love. I want to share with him the purpose of my living in this life, and also to improve and find the meaning of living together as soulmates.

I would like both of us to be faithful and loyal. Express and demonstrate the finest love for each other. I want both of us to appreciate each other’s individuality without feeling a need to always lead. Let each other feel great sense of self-worth. Be dependable on each other through thick and thin. Last but not least, to enjoy the intensity and the novelty of being loved.

You said in your books “Ask and it shall be given”. So I am asking you.....

Thanking you God, in advance....