Saturday, March 14, 2009

For Grandma

Experience Abundance

People on the streets can begin to experience abundance, if they are willing to allow someone else's life that they are touching to experience abundance in that moment. That might seem easier said than done - I mean, I'm sitting here in the lap of luxury making that statement.

I Am Different

Why Do We

Why do we otinue to do these things that we know simply don't work? And the answer is - I don't think we have the courage of our convictions. I think I am more comfortable saying one thing and doing anther. I don't think that we're truly committed to expressing the highest version of who we really are. I think that we're very immature beings.

For Mom


We know that it doesn't work to consume huge amounts of red meat every day of our lives and expect our bodies to react in a way that's healthy. We know that that doesn't work, and we do it anyway.