Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Magnolia Blossoms

Tiny Choices

Trust me, tiny choices - day in, day out - shape your destiny.
Tiny choices mean tiny changes. But it is only with infinitesimal change, changes so small noone else even realizes you're making them, that you have any hope for transformation.

Hearts Garden

Joy & Happiness

Many of us confuse happiness and joy. Happiness is often triggered by external events, events we usually have no control over. Happiness camouflages a lot of fears.

But joy is the absense of fear. Joy is your soul's knowledge that if you don't get something, it's because you weren't meant to. You're meant to have something better, something richer, something deeper.

Grandma's Garden

Seven Past Lives

On the way to discover something more, we were told that each of us has lived seven past lives, lives in which we have been starting over, surviving, settling, stumbling, shettered, sensing and searcing for something more.

By The River

Life Ask To Choose

If we want to be happy, I don't think life asks us to choose between doing what's right and what's wrong. I believe we're always asked to choose between loving and learning.