Thursday, June 16, 2011

It Snowed

Love is so deeply a part of me, so far beyond definition and description. For you love is so elusive as you only halfheartedly seek it. You will know and understand love only if you engage in a very personal search of heart and mind and soul which leads to the very essence of your being.

Do you understand life? For life is love. I can't make you understand love. You alone must be willing to take the inward journey. I will repeatedly urge you to do so, for nothing can take the place of that understanding.

It Rained

You think you already know what love is, when in fact you don't.

Sometime during our lives the majority of us will believe we have found true love, even though we have not. Many of us will go to our graves believing we have loved, when we never loved at all.

It Shined

It is very easy to stop short of understanding love. The idea of pure, real love, is so alien to our experiences, so foreign to the world we live in, we subconsciously, and even consciously, reject it as a non-existent fantasy. Yet it does exist. Because we seldom, if ever, witness such love does not mean it is less than real. Because the experiences of our past and the realities of our daily existence attack love does not mean it is a fantasy. Our doubts and fears, desires and temptations, weaknesses and longing to "live", cannot change the fact that pure, true, real, love exists, and that people can love one another.

Kayla & Oma