Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Most Kids Don't Have You, Mom!

by Aizad Addean Abu Bakar on Monday, May 9, 2011 at 10:50pm

Dear Mummy,

This is a letter dedicated to you and all these years of love and devotion... Reading the letters and photos you posted up, made me realize that it's not that often that i send you one of these... so even if it is slightly late (mother's day was yesterday), I hope it shows how much you've made an impact in your children's lives...

  • Most kids grow up wishing they could hug and kiss their moms to show their love... well I can still do that even till this day!
  • Most kids need to find a pillow to lie infront of the TV... At 23, i still think my moms lap is the best spot in the house
  • Most kids are afraid to bring their girlfriends home to meet their mom... Here I have my mom bringing girls home to meet me!
  • Most kids are forced into lying their way to get out of school... well my mom signs a letter, lying to my teacher for me
  • Most kids grow up hoping to have a mother who understands.. I grew up having a mother who understood me more than i did myself...
  • Most kids learn to play the guitar from friends.. Well my mom taught me how to play "Oh Carrol" on the darn thing...
  • Most kids hide their "unspeakables" from their parents underneath the mattress... well my mom hid her unspeakables from me in the top cupboard..
  • Most kids get a cake for their birthday... I get 3 remarkable one-of-a kind-paintings hand-painted by mom herself..
  • Most kids get punished by pulling their allowance... my mom tells me she'd pull my man-parts "panjang keretapi"..
  • Most kids are taught to obey and accept the rules.... my mom taught me to question why things are so and believe in what FEELS RIGHT..
  • Most kids are told what to be when they grow up... my mom told me to just be true to myself
  • Most kids are only told of what's wrong with the world... well my mom shows us that we can do something about it
  • Most kids spend their afternoons after school watching cartoons... i get forced into watching my mom cry over the Oprah show
  • Most kids are told to fear the unknown... well my mom taught me to not know fear...
  • Most moms have photo albums of her kids and her freinds...my mom has a photo album on facebook called "girlfriend untuk aizad"
  • Most kids cant remember the crazy stuff they did as a child... well my mom posts it on facebook so you never forget!
  • Most kids poop in the toilet and clean up after themselves.. Well i pooped in my pants in class and my mom did a great job cleaning me up after..
  • Most kids are bullied and picked on in school... well my mom bullied the bullies back and wrote to the principal too!
  • Most kids have parents who write to their teachers or school... my mom still offers to write to my boss & employer
  • Most kids have parents who are boring and lame... well my mom dances, sings, paints, writes, plays instruments, and reads poetry...
  • Most kids never learn because of overprotective moms.. I have a mom who teaches us to learn from our mistakes..
  • Most kids wish their mom was cool...well unfortunately I have a mom who's cooler than me...
  • Most kids go on secret holidays with their girlfriends... my mom lets us take our gfs on holidays with us...
  • Most kids have moms who bury their faces in books... i, on the other hand, have a mom who's a facebook addict..

Most kids hope that their moms are proud of them some day... but I believe nothing beats having a mom to be proud of everyday :D

Love you panjang keretapi,

Aizad "Jendul" Addean

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