Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spiritual Tree

Reaching Outwards

As long as outward reaching does not turn into outward placing.

Red Bird Chorus

Inner Truth

If you reach outward to collect what your world has to offer as you search for your inner truth about God and life, you will receive the information that you seek. It will practically fall into your lap.

Faith Tree

Never condemn traditional religion, but seek always to include it in the process by which divine truth continues to be revealed.

Calm Tree


Honour your tradition but expand your understanding.

Forest Flowers 2

New Spirituality

Stop making each other wrong.
True and honest seach of wisdom.
Interaction with God.
Interaction with each other.

The Faces of the Universe


I want to be awakened. That will be my first step.

Norbert & I


If you look upon every event of your life, including death, as a gift, you will see it as a treasure that will serve you always, and lead you to joy. If you look upon any event, including death, as a tragedy, you will mourn it forever, and receive from it but everlasting sorrow.

One Sunday Morning

Find Peace

All souls find peace after their death. Not all souls find peace before it.

Wish Tree 2

I Am Not

I have not studied. I have not prayed. I have not meditated. I have not paid any attention to my inner life, nor seriously explored larger realities.

Grass In The Wind

I Understand

Once I know about death, fully, I can live my life fully. Then I can experience myself fully - which is exactly what I came here to do. Then I can die gracefully and gratefully, knowing consciously that I am complete.

There is no way to die "wrong".


God Says

Take then, each of you, your own path to ME. Undertake your own journey home. Do not worry or render judgements about how others are taking theirs. No one fails to reach ME.

Bunga Sembahyang

The Force

Just keep being human. Forgive yourself and ask the forgiveness of others, for all your mistakes old and new. The force is within you.

Kindness Tree


Outside Baby's Window

Truth Exists

Everyone is trying to tell me that he is leading to the truth. Actually, you are the only one who can take you to the truth. Because the truth exists in only one place - this is, "within you". There is no truth except the truth that exists within yourself.

Blue of the Forest

When Someone Dies

When a member of the family dies, or a friend dies, simply be with the relatives left behind. During such moments, have deep compassion, true caring and healing love.

Authentic Tree


I do not have to follow the dictates of any belief system, nor to accept and embrace the teachings of any person. I make a conscious decision to seek my own truth.

Marina View

Do It

Let's do it everyday, by what we believe in.

Box of Roses

The Grandest Aspects

The grandest aspects of God and life :
God is Love
God is Freedom
God is Joy
God is Peace
God is Unity

Sunset Sail

An Attack

An attack is a call for help. Try saying "Please tell me...what hurts you so much that you have to hurt me to heal it?"

Summer Blossoms

Through Me

A God who speaks to me and through me, all the time. Then I cannot help but see each other in a different light.

My Little Mermaid


You are not a God to whom I speak, but a God with whom I speak.

Sensual Tree

Negative Emotion

An emotion that is toxic to the body and interferes with its balance and harmonious functioning.

Night Garden

Doesn't Work

Do you think that a relationship doesn't "work" if it doesn't "last"?

I am Sailing

Shifting Strategy

She restores herself by somehow diminishing, criticizing, or belittling the value of the other person's posessions, knowledge or abilities. She may shift her strategy and instead of competing, she would associate herself with the other person, so that she will be as important in the eyes of others.

Roses In The Sun


If someone has more, knows more, or can do more, then she, the ego feels threatened because the feeling of "less" diminishes its imagined sense of self to the other.

My Apartment


She is addicted to gossips. There must be a reason. Gossiping carries an element of malicious criticism and judgement of others, so that it strengthens her ego through the implied but imagined moral superiority that is there whenever she applys a negative judgement to anyone.

Stilt Houses

Lost Forever

There is no one amongst us who is lost forever. For we are all in the process of becoming.

Prism of Life

Right & Wrong

I will stick to my beliefs, cos it serves me. I'm holding tight and do not wish to waive. My ideas about right and wrong are my definitions of Who I Am. I do not require that others define themselves according to my terms.

Sun Face


I do not want to stay stuck in my present beliefs and customs that I halt the process of evolution itself.

The Departure

Do Not Judge

I do not want to be quick to judge another. I seek to avoid judgement, for another person's "wrongs" were my "rights" of yestermorn.

Another persons mistakes are my own past actions, now corrected. Another persons choices and decisions are as "harmful" and "hurtful" as "selfish" and "unforgivable" as many as my own has been.

Colourful Roses

Deep Prayer

At least 15 mins in the morning, and 15 mins at night, can change my life. Some of us have gone our entire lifes without spending that much time in quiet communion with our soul.

Blessed Tree


Exercise my body. My mind does not fully and easily take in new data if my body is lumping through the day. 20 mins. Must establish a regular exercise regimen

Fern Leave 2

I thank you Lord, and embrace you. You have inspired all of this.

Black And White Tree

New Truths

Gently release what is no longer benefecial and add new insights, new ideas, new truths, born of the new awareness and expand consciousness.

Autumn Is Coming

Like Wisdom

Like wisdom, love must come from within you for the experience to be personal and lasting.

Flower Tree


Love makes you look wonderful. It is transformative. It turns everything inside out.

Night And Day


If you believe that you are sinners and must be punished for your "offenses", so you will stay in the illusion of "hell". Thinking this is what you deserve -

My Little Fairy


You cannot change the ultimate reality, but you can change your experience of it.

Green Tree


Life is God, made physical. My presence is evidence of the existence of God.

Fantasy Garden

Why am I here? Is there something that I must do? I am here because I choose to experience something.....

A Day In Fall

People Say

Seeing is believing
but in truth
Believing is seeing

Down In The Valley

God And I

God is a creator
I am a creator
God creates all life
I create all of my life
God create on a macro level
I create on a micro level

Blue Tree In Spring

My Life

My life will bring me my grandest dream - peace within my soul at last.

Backyard Blue Tree

I Am Different

I am different from God, but I am not divided from God. That is why I can never die..... God and I are one. I do not represent the totality of God. I only have the characteristics, the aspects, the elements of divinity within me.

Brown Trees

The Power

God gave me the power to act as I am acting. My power comes from God. Without God, I do not have the power to be ME!!!!

Magnificent Tree

Wave & Ocean

Just like there is no separation between the wave and the ocean. The wave is part of the ocean, acting in a certain way. The wave does the same thing the ocean does, in smaller degree.

In The Shadows


Religion are created by human cultures. It assists you in knowing and understanding that there is a ever-present source of help in times of need, strength in times of challenge, clarity in time of confusion and compassion in times of pain.

My Little Angel


We have all argued endlessly. Quarrelled and fought, killed and died because we insisted ours is the right way and the only way - to heaven.

The Joy

What Do I Know

Do not believe a single word I say. Just believe and listen to what your heart tells you. For it is in your heart where your wisdom lies, and in your heart where your truth dwells, and in your own heart where God resides.

Wish Tree

To Know, To Experience, To Feel

It is one thing to know something. It is quite another thing to experience it, and still another to feel it.