Monday, March 9, 2009

Greeting Cards


Mug Designs - Made To Order

Kids Clothings - Chic Gals

Tote Bags

Dream Girls Journal

Sun Faced Kids Sneakers

Sun Faced Products

Painting Printing

The smallest print for all paintings are 8"x6" costing RM15.00 including postage within Malaysia. Bigger printing of paintings can be done. Just state the size you want and I will be happy to give your the cost of printing and postage (within Malaysia or overseas).


If you wish to order any of the products, like journal notebook, key chain, buttons, fridge magnets, cards, postcards, shoes, t-shirts, calendar, mugs, baby bib, thong, wall clock, keepsake box, mouse pad, tote bag, apron, framed tile, etc. and use my designs, it can be made to order. Just call me and I can work out the total costs for printing and shipment to you.

Fairy Things Made To Order

We have many fairy designs of your choice. You may contact me to get details of the cost for printing and shipping.

Ladies Shoes

Kids Shoes - Fairy Design

Key Chain

Wouldn't your child like to have a collection of all my fairy paintings in a key chain? If you are interested, let me know. I will put all my fairy design on key chain template and email you. If you are satisfied with the design, you may place your order.

Women's Laced Shoes

Fairy Invitation Card


Greeting Cards