Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Magnolias

No Longer Young

My body rebel and act merciless as age begins to shut me down and beauty fades. Maybe I have taken my body for granted, abused and dishonour it with to much hard living, with excesses, and with too few compliments or cherishing caresses.

Floral Tree

My Spiritual Journey

There is nothing except fear holding me back from awakening to discover the woman I am deep inside. And believe me, fear is pretty powerful.

Wild Sunflowers

A Constant Dance

Sometimes I go forward, and then I come back, and then I go forward and then I go around - we face each other and turn away. Is that how my relationship with the sacred?

I Am Different

How I Was Raised

I was raised with the idea of a punishing God. A God who looked only at my sins and not my good points - venial sins, mortal sins, all kinds of layers of sin. I was constantly afraid of committing sins knowingly. I knew that some indescribable but very bad things would happen if I did sin, and worse yet, that sinning would make me a bad person.

Now, I know that sinning is just simply missing the mark of being the highest.

Purple Tree

The Purpose

What are we doing here? There must be a reason we are given this life. What is our purpose? Are we supposed to be involved with something? How do we get motivated. How do we live when we know that we are dying?

The Purpose

Grandma's Sunflowers


Some people who are under considerable amount of stress due to illness are afraid to show anger or frustrations because they fear that their complaints might snowball.