Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pinata for Sale

Size : 12" L x 6" H (approx)
Contact Party Shop
012 211 0409

Pinata for Sale

Teddy Bear
Size : 30"H x 20"W (approx)
Contact Party Shop
012 211 0409
Made to order, any colour you want. 3 weeks notice must be given.

Pinata for Sale

Size : 18"H x 30"L (approx)
Contact Party Shop
012 211 0409

Pinata for Sale

Size : 18"H x 25" L (approx)
Contact Party Shop
012 211 0409

Pinata for Sale

Size : 14" diameter (approx)
Contact Party Shop
012 2110409

Pinata for Sale

Size : 8" H x 12" L (approx)
Contact Party Shop
012 211 0409

Pinata for Sale

Size : Approximate 15"H x 20"W
Contact Party Shop
012 211 0409

More designs coming. I have been inspired by new ideas.

Pinata for Sale

Size : 20"L x 16"H (approximate)
Contact Party Shop
O12 211 0409

Pinata for Sale

Contact Party Shop
Tel : 012 2110409
Bumble Bee
Diameter about 14"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pretty In Pink

Pink Bloom

Fluffy Yellow Bulb

Daisies And Posies

Brightly Bloom

Poppy In The Dark

Grey Emotions

Blissful Bright

Come Sail With Me


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brightness Beyond

My Daughter

There are no words to say that would be able to express what you are to us. From the first day we had you, we knew that God had chosen you for our family. We are truly blessed.

Beauty Beyond

A Kiss

If a kiss is just a kiss and nothing more, then why kiss? Why do couples who marry seal the union with a kiss? Why do parents kiss their children? A kiss is not just a kiss. It signifies something more than affection, love and passion, both spiritual and sexual.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Truth

No Smoking Zone

I really would like to be in a non-smoking zone, wherever I go, but many people would not put up with it.



When you are breathless at my age, it is no longer because you are caught off guard by a handsomely gorgeous man. Menopause is more like it.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Almost Morning

A Prayer

Everything we think is a prayer. Everything we say is a prayer. Everything we do is a prayer. The problem is, we just don't know it. We think we are praying only when are actually, consciously engaging in the activity we call "prayer".

White Bulbs

Where Did My Baby Go

Where did you go my baby
I seek you in my heart
We travel led the land of memories
Right here from the start
Do not go without me
For I cannot let it be
We are here now together
Let's make it now and forever

Three A Tango

More Damaging

Sometimes staying in a marriage may be more damaging (to yourself and your children) than leaving it. Deeply dysfunctional marriages, which produce dysfunctional children, who produce more dysfunctional marriages and more dysfunctional children.

Creepy Crawlers

I do not believe that in any way sex should be used without a sense of responsibility. Sex should only be used as a sense of celebration and joy, and playfulness, as life is best approached with good bit of healthy playfulness.

The Kissing Birds

Stop For 5 Seconds

WHAT WOULD LOVE DO NOW? If every time something occurs in our life, we will simply stop for five seconds and ask ourselves this question, we will create a new contact within which we may consider our response. When our response to the occurrence becomes our response to the question, definitely our behaviour will change.

The Unicorn Girl

We Have Chosen

Each of us chooses our own reality, circumstances, conditions of life etc., before coming into the body. We choose our parents, the place we'll be born, everything. We give ourselves these outward circumstances as tools with which to create our experience. As such, they are gifts, sacred gifts - given to us by ourselves.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Brightness

What Is Love?

Love is Who You Really Are. I believe that love is what God is. To me, the words God and love are interchangeable. Likewise, the words God and you, and God and me, are interchangeable. So, the words, God, love, you me....actually means life. So, to me, life is love. The energy that life is, love is. Life-love-God-me----- all the same thing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Autumn Leaves

In The Absence Of

In the absense of cold, warm is not. In the absence of up, down is not. In the absense of short, the experience of long does not and cannot exist. The Universe will always bring us the experience of that which we are not, in order to create a context within which we may more magnificiently experienc WHAT WE REALLY ARE.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twigs & Twags


Do you know that there are people who likes to borrow things and never have the intention of returning them back? If someone wants to borrow something from you and make sure you jot it down. Make sure you give her at least 1 month to return it. Some people just don't have the respect for other people's things or value their relationship that much.

For Memories

First Love

There is nothing like the first kiss, or the first love. Your heart palpitate, your adrenalin rush down your spine, the sweaty palm, the jitters...it was damn darn good...


What Can You Tell

Do you know that there are people who pee in the shower? Some says it is gross, some say it is the pleasure of feeling the warm water trickling down your thighs, some say they couldn't care less. What about you?

Monday, March 16, 2009

For Revelation

What Is Important

What is important in my life is that I get the errands done, I have sometime to myself, I have my bed, I have my hot showers. That's how little I need.

For Compassion

Body Odour

If someone had body odour, would you have the guts to tell the person face to face? Having body odour just tells you that the person is not hygienic enough to walk around in our tropical weather. Three times a day shower is not enough, I think.

For Grace

Saidina Umar

Saidina Umar, gave me a stone and asked me to cut and polish it. What a beautiful dream it was.