Monday, April 4, 2011

Expectations = Disappointments

Many times I have written about not having expectations, so that we will not have disappointments. Every time I write something like this, I am always in a different frame of mind and mood.

I learned many things over the last 10 months of being alone.

Firstly, there is no possible way that I can have ‘no expectations’. This is purely figurative speech, but can never apply to reality. No matter how hard I try and what I do, I always expect things from those closest to me, and of course from myself (but I am not going to draw myself in expectations).

Having expectations is healthy, I guess. I expect that when I work hard that I may be rewarded. I expect to fall in love in order to have a fulfilling life. Are these extraordinary expectations? It just seems quite reasonable to me right now as I see expectations like goals but the difference is that we work towards a goal, but with expectations we expect it will happen.

I expected things to fall in place by end of October 2011 and I am working through it. However I am not expecting too much without having too much disappointment if things generally don’t work out the way I want it to be. Healthy expectations will help me through my daily life – like having faith (enough to know that something will happen without having to focus on things that hard).

Life is a giant puzzle and am not expecting to solve it…EVER!! I am just putting as many pieces I can together and hopefully the higher power, friends and family are there to help me with the rest.

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