Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why I Love Slow - Peaceful Simplicity

My children have suggested that I move back to KL. They didn't want me staying alone in PD. How could I? For the last five years I have focused (in my daily life) to do whatever tasks slow, with ease, in mindfulness, resolve each job in a relaxed way. I give them all my attention. I cannot go back to the city and live there.

I hate to rush through tasks, trying to finish as much as I can each day, speeding through traffic to my next destination. I hate exhaustion and stress. I want time for what's important in my life, spending with loved ones, doing things that I am passionate about.

My life is simpler now. I cannot do everything. So now, I can choose to do what is important in my life by eliminating what are not so important. Whatever I am doing, whether taking a shower, or brushing my teeth, or cooking dinner, I am definitely slowing down. I am enjoying what I am doing and I pay every attention to it. I am doing one thing at a time, and doing it well.

My daughter thinks I drive slower cos I am older now. She says I give her headaches. Driving was something that I did that was often mindless and rushed. Instead, now I slow down and enjoy the journey. I am eliminating stress and what does she know about stress?

When I am having time to myself, she'd check on me. She wants to know if I am okay. How do I explain to her that I was creating time for solitude. How important it is to have some time to myself. Just do nothing but just sprinkle simple pleasures. I just wanted to practice being in the moment. Find inspiration and enjoying life now instead of saving it for later. I am not talking about sex here, if it is sex, I have to go for delayed gratification).

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